Bag Lost and Found

Posted by RichD | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 24-08-2009


I carry a bag.  It’s like a messenger bag and it holds all sorts of stuff, both useful and useless.  Magazines and books I am reading, my camera, various pens pencils and art supplies, and, most importantly, whatever notebook or journal I am currently using.

This weekend I lost my bag!  I didn’t even realize it until Monday morning (not having need of it until the work week started).  I was panicked to say the least.  In my mad search for the bag I came across my journal.  That’s strange because, as I said, I normally keep my journal IN the bag.  This suggested a scenario to me.  I tend to work in my journal at lunch during the week.  I was willing to bet that I had taken the bag (and journal) to a restaurant sometime the previous week, and for whatever reason I bolted from the table with the journal and not the bag.  Considering I eat out more than I should for lunch (read “daily”) tracking down the bag would normally be quite and undertaking.  Fortunately I had my journal and that made it a LOT easier to reconstruct the previous week.  I even had some receipts from lunches stuck between the pages.  Using the information in the journal I was quickly able to trace my eating backwards through the week and found my bag at the second restaurant I checked.  How’s that for using a journal in a practical fashion?