All Hail The “Grail Diary”

Posted by RichD | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 07-04-2010


Lately I have been thinking about the diary or journal that is kept for a specific purpose.  The single minded book of research notes and such.  Ill post more on them later but in thinking of them I was reminded of the wonderful “Grail Diary” from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

I remember the first time I saw the movie.  Doctor Jones (senior) was pouring over the pages of this book, making notes and drawings, all concerning his lifetime obsession with legends of the Holy Grail.  It was a work of art.  Throughout the movie we are treated with glances and peeks into this incredible diary.

When I say it was a work of art, I am not exaggerating.  It was literally the work of artistic Hollywood prop makers.  Even so, what a great addition to any diary enthusiasts collection.  Fortunately this is very possible.  While locating an purchasing the actual used in the film might be out of the realm of possibilities for most of us, there are ways to get some pretty good reproductions.

Firstly, there are prop reproduction companies all over the Internet that produce fine copies of this book, including all the inserts and ephemera stuck between the pages in the movie.  Photos and tickets for Zeppelins included.  The better reproductions are pretty pricey.  I have been looking on eBay and they seem to range (for the nice ones) from between $300-$500.  There are some copies that don’t look quite as authentic for substantially less.

The other route to go is to make your own.  If you have a tiny bit of craftiness or artistic inclinations there are several websites available that supply you with images and instructions for recreating your very own copy of the Grail Diary.