Updating Your Journal With Your Text Messages

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As much as I love the idea of keeping a day-by-day unbroken string of entries in my daily diary, I admit I fail at it often. Sometimes a week (or more) will go by without me touching the book by my bed. Yes I know its perfectly alright to just pick up the book and start an entry for today and not worry about the days I missed, but it just feels untidy somehow. Today was such a day for me. I opened my diary and it has been exactly one week since my last entry. Not only that but I will have to say it was a pretty uneventful week because I couldn’t readily bring much of it back to my mind.
My normal process in this situation is to make a list of the days missed on a sheet of paper and work my way backwards, filling in the days that are freshest in my memory and eventually connecting back up to my last entry. Then I simply transcribe them into the diary. It worked okay at first. The weekend was still pretty fresh in my mind. Last week, however, was not in there for some reason.
That’s when I hit on this idea! I grabbed my phone and started flipping back through text messages! They turned out to be great little reminders of things I did with friends or places we ate, or things we talked about. I also found that these messages sparked other memories of the days that weren’t even in the messages. In no time at all I had reconstructed the week with short, but pertinent, entries.
Other places you might go to reconstruct some entries would be your email or your daily calendar. Sometimes all you need is a quick reminder of how the day went and the memories come flooding back in.

Using Simplenote for Journal Keeping Accross all Platforms

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I’ll be the first to admit I am not well versed (or even well educated) in keeping a journal electronically.  Up until now I’ve been pretty much a book and pen kind of guy.  However, about a month ago I decided to split my journal keeping in two again.  Keeping a notebook for all the random thoughts and information and keeping a second book for simply recording the events of the day.  I found that I can keep the daily diary much better if I keep the book by my bed and jot things down before I go to sleep.  Its been working pretty well.

As usual one thing leads to another and I find myself thinking about keeping the daily diary in a digital form.  Since it is mainly just text I don’t have to worry about keeping up with any ephimera.  Why not keep the info in a form that makes it easy to search and reproduce?  I could even keep the diary for an entire year and then publish a volume at a print on demand site.  I found myself envisioning shelves books with the year of the diary neatly printed on the spines.

Looking into it further I found that there are a great many ways to keep a diary electronically. There are specialized software packages and websites made especially for keeping your journal in this fashion.  I intend to explore these further in the future, but right now I am not inclined to get involved with anything with only one use.  I also explored Google Docs.  I was almost sold on that option when I discovered Simplenote.  Google Docs work fine on any computer and that was the initial draw.  Unfortunately you can’t edit your documents on your smart phone.  That means you have to sit at a computer and work on your diary (or any other notes).  That’s not a bad thing unless you realize you don’t have to.  Simplenote has smart phone applications that let you edit the same notes you edit on any other computer.  Write something on your phone, it updates your computer.  Update something on your computer and it updates on your phone.  Its all wrapped up in a simple, straight forward interface.

Check out their video:

PJK is now Social! We are live on Facebook and Twitter!

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Hoping to bring more people into the conversation I have decided to experiment with some social media sites.

You can follow me on Facebook here or Twitter here