Your Life’s Time-line (Memoirs)

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So maybe writing your entire life story IS a little overwhelming.  I mean there is a lot to remember, right?  So start easy.  Set up a timeline for yourself.  Start with your birthdate and mark off every decade up to the current date.  Surely you can come up with ONE major event for each decade.  And how many decades can there be?

If you start here you will see something interesting happen.  Usually, after you mark a major item in a decade, you will suddenly remember something else that happened around that time.  All you have to do is decide if it happened before or after the first thing you came up with.  Before you know it you will be breaking 10 year periods in two, then the 5 year periods will break down.  Very soon you will come up with at least one major event for each year of your life.  Probably more.

Now you have a time-line for your life.  Not only that but it is a good outline for writing a memoir.  Just take each item on the list and write about it.  No one said a memoir has to be one continual story.  A collection smaller incidents and personal essays is a fabulous way to go.

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Cool! I just found your blog after scouring the internet over several days for journaling resources and ideas. It’s amazing how few are out there. This blog seems really interesting and just what I was looking for.
Thanks, Laura

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