Starting Again: Less Technical / More Illustrative.

Posted by RichD | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 16-03-2011


Okay.  It’s been awhile and I will be the first to admit I lost my motivation for regular posting on this site.  But lately a lot of things have been brewing, swirling, and banging around in my head.  I think it’s time to get going on this blog again.  I think I will take a little different approach this time.  Up to this point I have been pretty much focused on the nuts and bolts and the whys and wherefores of keeping a journal.  I think it would be easier on me and maybe a little more interesting for you if I not only gave you the technical aspects of journaling, but also shared how I am actually using it and what I am doing with it.  Maybe even share some of my life experiences and goals so you can see how keeping a journal keeps me on task for them.

So you get to follow me on some of my adventures, see how I set goals, chide me for not sticking to my plans, and watch me grow along with this blog.

Since I be able to share my experiences with you I will have more to write about.  You can expect more posts.  On the other hand I will still cover the practical aspects of keeping journals, diaries, logbook and all manner of personal writing.  I’m just too fascinated with the whole process to let it slide and just tell you how I am doing.    Hopefully you will see what I am using and it will inspire you to find a method or methods that will work for you as well.

So here’s to a new start and I hope you all keep coming, reading, commenting, and journaling.

And a special thanks to KB, who for reasons unknown, showed up unexpectedly and rekindled the fire under my butt without even knowing it.


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