Finally I Have an iPad!

Posted by RichD | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 31-03-2011



When the iPad first came out I fell in love! But I was cautious. It was a big chunk of change to part with and I knew that the next generation would be better. I reigned in my impulse buying and it’s finally paid off. I am now the proud owner of an iPad 2! I am loving it.

The first thing I did was download the WordPress app and the Evernote app. Now I can journal and blog on the go. I am all about being mobile.

Not only should it make me a more productive journaler, but what really sold me were the art apps. I love sketching, drawing and painting and have actually been using some art apps on my iPhone, but the screen is just too small. Now I can draw on a page nearly the size of a sheet of printer paper!

Mind mapping, video editing, vision boards, photo albums…all more accessible on the go with my new iPad!

Yes, this post has been composed and uploaded from the iPad. I am using the onscreen keyboard so please forgive any typos. Last year I purchased a folding Bluetooth keyboard that I can use to make typing content even easier.

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