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Or….How My Niece FINALLY Started Keeping a Journal!

For years I have been trying to get my two nieces to start keeping a journal or diary or notebook or ANYTHING. I have one niece, Kate, that likes to read diarys and books that are written as diaries but never keeps one herself. The older niece, Nicole, has made several attempts (mainly to make me happy) to keep a diary, as sketch book, even dream journals, but never seemed to have any luck.

Then, as I was looking through the web on my own quest to see how other people are journaling I came across something that the creator calls a “Junque Journal” on YouTube. I loved it! It’s a totally creative, no pressure way to compile a “journal” of all the bits of your life that some how fall through the cracks.

Here is the video from YouTube:

I immediately introduced Nicole to the process and we spent a Saturday afternoon preparing the composition book and pages for the journal. We painted, inked, tore, glittered, taped, tied ribbons, stapled and anything else we could think of to use up old crafting supplies. The trick is to have the pages ready so you can just shove stuff in when you get the urge.

I have to admit, I didn’t really think it would go much further. We often have these art sessions, then, like your refrigerator, the light goes out when the door closes. Rarely, if ever, does the creative process stick with the when they leave my house. This time, however, I was to be amazed! Nicole took to her Junque Journal like I’ve never seen her do before with any of our projects. I was at my brother’s house one day and she plopped that big, beautiful, chunky, clunky, overstuffed, wonderful book down on the table. I was speechless. Check it out for yourself. I made her let e take a couple of pictures of it.

Truth be known, she far out stripped me on this project. I have yet to add a single thing to my junque journal. Her advise…don’t even think about it. Just shove stuff in it. No rhyme or reason or themes. Just put stuff in. It becomes it’s own, organic, living thing with no help from you. All you have to do is feed the thing.

Go ahead and give it a try. I’ve never found a journaling technique that is as wild and free as this Junque Journal!




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Thanks for posting this. I have made one for myself and now both of my nieces want to make one. I’ve already posted some pics on my blog. :)

FANTASTIC. My niece recently applied for her first job. She interviewed for a local Build a Bear. They asked her to brink in an item that represented her and she didn’t miss a beat. She snatched up the Junque Jounal aaaaannnnddd she got the job. ;)

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