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I-Ching Hexagram 27 … Yi

This hexagram is a picture of an open mouth; above and below are the firm lines of the lips, and between them the opening. Starting with the mouth, through which we take food for nourishment, the thought leads to nourishment itself. Nourishment of oneself, specifically of the body, is represented in the three lower lines, while the three upper lines represent nourishment and care of others, in a higher, spiritual sense.


Perseverance brings good fortune.
Pay heed to the providing of nourishment
And to what a man seeks
To fill his own mouth with.


Over a lifetime of strange studies and historical intrests I have become interested in various symbols and the ideas behind them.  Sometimes a symbol, properly understood, can relate an enormous amount of information, emotion and motivation.  There are several of these symbols that I try to keep around me as signposts and reminders.

Yi is a particularly important symbol.  I am very interested in fitness and nutrition, and even cooking.  On the surface it pretty obvious why I am attracted to this symbol.  Its about nutrition and nourishment.  True!  The meaning of Yi can be taken much deeper than this, however.  If you go below the surface of food/nutrition and look at it as life/nutrition, you get a very powerful idea.  Just like the old saying, “you are what you eat”, whatever you bring into your life becomes your life.  Just as picking the very best ingredients for a recipe can make all the difference in the finished dish , think of selecting only the most vital and nutritious thoughts, people, ideas and activities to make up your life.  Filling your life with too much “junk food” (pointless tv shows, poisonous people, etc.)  is as bad as a strict diet of Big Macs and Twinkies.

So start feeding your life what it needs.  Make it grow into the life you always wanted.

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I like the idea of putting these various emblems and symbols visually, physically, in your daily path.

A current decorating trend is to paint words on your walls. Sometimes very large and quite pale, serving as a backdrop to artwork. Other offerings have text circling the room close to the ceiling. My personal favorite use of this technique is to use your “words of power” as a bold artistic element in itself. I have long wanted to paint my entryway with the words “Live with passion. Love with purpose.”
I have also thought about using these:

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