Vision Boards….The FIRST “Secret”

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The Vision Board is Older Than History!

Yes, I am a student of personal development, but my first field of study was actually ancient history and archaeology.  I am often amazed how so many of our current and “modern” cultural tendencies have their roots in the oldest cultures.  Recently, while working on a new vision board project (that I will be sharing here soon) I was struck with a sudden insight.  Vision boards are nothing new.  As a mater of fact, vision boards are some of the oldest cultural artifacts we have!

A MODERN Vision Board
One of the EARLIEST Vision Boards

That’s right.  The earliest records of our species were cave paintings like the one seen here, found in Lascaux, France.  What we see here is  a vision board.  It shows, very clearly, the goals of the artist and a very positive outcome .  We see the artist/ hunter represented.  We also see the goals he has set for himself (a good hunt).  Finally we see the positive energy that the artist has put into his Paleo Vision Board.  The animals are filled with arrows, indicating a successful hunt for all.  If that’s not a vision board in form and function, I don’t know what is.

In addition, archaeologist have determined that the artists probably didn’t simply wander into a convenient cave and doodle a sketch on the wall.  The cave was set aside as a sacred space and the drawings were done with great ritual and emotional outpouring.  They put a great deal of feeling and energy into both the creation of this artwork and the goals that this drawing was to help bring about!  In every way this is identical to the process that we use today to create the most potent vision boards.

When you make your next vision board, take a lesson from the people who’s very survival depended on the outcome of their vision board.  Find a place to work that has good energy.  Put strong, positive emotions behind your images, and hold the finish product in high regard.  It’s not just arts and crafts.  It’s a power tool and should be handled with respect.

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