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I have to apologize to Jillian Michaels…

Admittedly I had sort of ignored her.  I never watched The Biggest Loser.  I preferred watching the Discovery Health Fitness Challenge.  The participants seemed more like me.  The coaches seemed more realistic.  The Biggest Loser seemed to be populated with people WAY out of my weight class and the coaches were bombastic and over dramatic.  Then I see Jillian Michaels advertisements all over the television.  It was all too “Pop Culture” for me.

But circumstances conspire….the universe presents us with opportunities….

I am a subscriber to Audible.com (one of the best $20/month investments EVER).  As part of the subscription I get two free downloads a month.  I am addicted to listening to books in the car and I try to switch regularly between fiction and non-fiction to stay well rounded.  Last  month I was looking for a book to listen to, and I knew I needed to get some non-fiction into my literary diet.  I don’t know why, but my eye landed on Jillian Michaels’ book Unlimited.  I spend a few seconds debating it but I was about to get in the car and I wanted something to listen to (the radio stations in my city leave a lot to be desired) so I downloaded it and hit the road.

OMG!  Talk about not judging a book by its cover!  This book is fantastic!  It is an uplifting, no nonsense approach to setting and achieving goals.  Although she uses a lot of fitness based stories and analogies, it is not, in itself, a book on fitness.  Jillian covers all aspects of moving your life in a positive direction.  She discusses relationships, careers, happiness, and of course health and fitness.  She hands you some very clear step-by-step strategies for deciding what you want out of life and then going after it.  She doesn’t mince words.  She doesn’t get new-age.  She puts it in very simple terms.

I have to also say, that I have read a LOT of books on personal betterment and I have heard many of her suggestions before.  I mean that as a positive thing.  These tools work.  Sometimes we hear something so often we tune it out.  Jillian succeeds in reminding you that you have heard these things over and over because they are effective.  If they didn’t work, people wouldn’t keep recommending them.

Jillian reads the book herself and you can tell she is not only passionate about he subject matter, but believes in both the process and in every one’s ability to improve themselves and their lives.  I even learned some things about her in this book that made me take a second look at her as a person. It shattered my previous picture of her as simply a loud TV celeb with a six-pack.  She knows her stuff.  She lives her stuff.  So again….Jillian I am very sorry for prejudging you and thank you so much for the information in your book.

At the moment the thing I am most interested in is her concept of a “goal pyramid”.  Its a way to organize your main goal into smaller, achievable  goals that build on one another until you reach your ultimate goal.  Its very visual and graphic and I am having a good time working on mine at the moment.  If you want to check it out you see it in action at her website.   The site is well done and there are a lot of free downloads and stories that will get you motivated and on your way.

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I would not have recognized the name Jillian Michaels when first said, but I vaguely knew the face. And like you, I had my own set of preconceived notions about her, (once that face was placed alongside my ideas on the show Biggest Loser) based on the little I had seen in 30 second commercial sound bytes. I have never watched the show. This despite quite possibly sharing that “weight class” you mentioned. Someone yelling at me is most likely not going to motivate me to do anything other than deck someone.

However, your review has gotten my attention.
I think I just might listen to the book myself. I am fired up right now and looking for things to assist in staying “ablaze”.


Great! I am hitting a couple new books now. Look our for more reviews.

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